1/23/2019 12:09 AM

Swipe left then cast your vote in the comments: GOFF or GOSLING? 😆 LA is going to the championships! Don't miss the 1600 VINE party on Sunday, February 3rd at 3:30pm kickoff. We're serving up juicy wings and finger foods at kickoff then Founder's craft beer until the final touchdown! *Resident-exclusive Event*

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  • Looking for a new home?! Stop by 1600 VINE for our Leasing Expo tomorrow from 9am-9pm! 
Lease an apartment and enter to win exclusive gift cards, a two-night stay at the W Hotel, and more!
  • 1600 VINE’s Strange Things Halloween Party is TODAY! Stop by the 1600 VINE Resident Lounge from 6:30pm-9:30pm and sip signature Upside Down and Demogorgon cocktails and win grand prizes! #1600vine #hometohollywood *resident exclusive*
  • Join us and sip on signature Upside Down and Demogorgon cocktails, play at the 1600 Arcade to try and beat the high scores, and enjoy a monstrous hors d’oeuvres spread at the Strange Things Halloween Party! 
Come dressed to impress and win grand prizes for the annual costume contest! You won’t want to miss this, next Wednesday October 30th from 6:30pm-9:30pm! *resident exclusive* #1600vine #hometohollywood
  • There is nothing like summer at 1600 VINE! This is a shot from our Retro Summer Party last year ☀️ #1600vine #hometohollywood
  • Happy 4th of July from 1600 VINE! Have a safe and fun holiday! 🎇🎇
  • 1600 VINE’s Love Where You Live is TOMORROW! Stop by the 1600 VINE Resident Lounge from 12pm to 3pm for Founder’s craft beer, grilled hamburgers, novelty ice cream and fun prizes!! #1600vine #hometohollywood *resident exclusive*
  • Reminiscing about our @yelp mixer last November where residents and Yelp Elite members treated themselves to rolled ice cream and sipped fall-inspired cocktails like pumpkin spiced cream vodkas and cranberry apple Moscow mules! #1600vine #hometohollywood
  • Residents and their friends played carnival games and treated themselves to ice cream novelties and Spritz! Wine at our summer kickoff party! #1600vine #hometohollywood
  • We are throwing it back to our glittering mermaid hair style by @ondemandsalon from our Under the Sea pool party! #1600vine #hometohollywood
  • There is nothing like summer at 1600 VINE! Come sip Founder’s craft beer, bite into a juicy hamburger and treat yourself to novelty ice cream at the 1600 VINE Love Where You Live Party on Saturday, June 29th from 12pm-3pm #1600vine #hometohollywood *resident exclusive event*
  • One of our favorite nights was the Penthouse Crafted Cocktail Party when expert mixologists showed residents how to create their own speciality cocktails #1600vine #hometohollywood
  • Summer Sundays are here! Treat yourself to fresh-pressed waffles every Sunday from 11am to 1pm! #1600vine #hometohollywood *resident exclusive event*
  • We are two weeks away from our summer kickoff party! Why not start early and take a dip in our heated pool? #1600vine #hometohollywood *resident exclusive*
  • There is nothing ordinary about 1600 VINE! This shot is from the ALT 98.7 concert series at 1600 VINE featuring @magicgiant #1600vine #hometohollywood
  • Rainy days are perfect for breakfast in bed and movie marathons! We took a poll and our favorite “rain scene” from a movie is the classic downpour in The Notebook.
Now it’s your turn, comment your favorite “rain scene” below!
#1600vine #hometohollywood

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