5 Interior Design Hacks That Will Transform Your Apartment

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Looking to breathe some life back into your same-old apartment?

We researched the top 5 trends that will spice up your living space without breaking the bank (or your back!) 


Image Credit: Front + MainTip #1: It's All About the Fringe 

Fringe can do wonders to your living space, especially for modern and minimalist styles. Perfect for softening hard edges and angles, fringes add texture character to the room and enhance the aesthetic of the space.

Choosing the right material is key. Shaggy fringe like the one pictured here from Front + Main pairs perfectly with earth tones and exposed wood. For a touch of opulence, a fringe lamp or chandelier is an eye-catching addition. You may also want to consider investing in a velvet sofa with fringe accents to add an elegant centerpiece to the space.

*Photo from Front + Main 

Tip #2: Throw in a Splash of Color

A vibrant throw blanket will brighten up the space and bring warmth to white and gray color schemes. Quality is key. Bold colors draw the eye, so choosing a rich fabric like cashmere or silk will give your apartment the WOW factor you desire.

If your living space is chiefly neutral tones, consider a yellow, purple, blue, or red accent throw blanket.

*Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash 

 Tip #3: Be Bold

There’s nothing like a bold accent wall to create dimension and space in the room. The concrete accent walls pictured here are built into several of the 1600 VINE apartments to give depth and character to each room. If you have all-white or neutral walls, consider painting an accent wall a bold, opposing color or adding a wallpaper. If you need help picking the perfect accent color, check out this article from The School of Decorating.  

Tip #4: Go Green

Breathe some life into your apartment with leafy green accents. The options are endless– accessorize your nightstand, desk, tabletops, and empty corners with statement pieces like Fig Leafs, English Ivy, and Jade plants. 

Is your green thumb more like a brown thumb? No worries, plants like succulents and airplants only need sunshine and a spray of water once a week!

The vase or pot you choose should depend on the aesthetic of your living space. The woven straw basket pictured here pairs well with scandinavian, mid-century modern, and bohemian chic styles. Gunmetal silver and brass vases and pots are perfect for contemporary and industrial spaces. Check out this article from Sunset.com for creative ways to incorporate plants into your apartment's design.

Tip #5: Round Up

Most furniture pieces are squared off and angular which gives the room a "boxy" look. Add a rounded or curved furniture piece to open up the space and create dimension.

A few easy additions are a circular lamp or hanging chandelier, or a rounded coffee table. If you want a big statement piece, add a curved sofa like the one pictured here from Graham and Green

Now is the fun part! Once you've chosen your new design concept, you can incorporate these 5 interior design tips and watch your apartment transform! We'd love to see your apartment makeover! Let us know what you think and share your Before and After photos in the comments!

*Photo by Graham and Green 

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